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SY – Space F.D. Robot

I have to be honest… this was never a favorite robot of mine. I dont know why but I just dont see this as a robot while it really is one. I had the chance to buy one several times but every time I found other robots better looking AND more interesting. Last winter I bumped again into this creep and I decided to buy it this time. Its funny to see how robot taste can change during the years.  I remember when I started i ONLY looked at flying saucers, I did not even look at ANY robot… things have changed :)……

So with a fresh start I looked again at this robot and yes, its looks cool now to me 🙂 I found this one in Italy again… ( wow italy is still a great country to travel, and discover rare robots and space toys ) It’s a near mint example. Shows only minor playwear although I still think the robot has never been played with at all. Maybe the scratches are caused by storage, I have no idea, or maybe they robots like this just rolled out of the factory and were never sold because of the scratches.

Anyway…. I rate the robot near mint with a ditto original RARE box with an italian extra logo on it. The F.D. Robot is clockwork powered and was made in the early sixties in Japan by SY. A great find, hard to ever upgrade and a rare robot and box. You can not go wrong with this example.

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