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Shinsei – Mazinger Z Volkswagen Beetle

its not THAT easy to translate the Japanese words on the box but I think this will be my best shot at that: Mazinger Z Volkwagen Beetle 🙂
This ultra rare and scarce spacetoy was found in the Netherlands surprisingly some years ago, I had it stored away for years and found it last week cleaning up my workshop.

Now its not THAT often you see Mazinger Z driving a VW Beetle by the way.. no idea who came up with this.
THe toy is unplayed with old stock and was found in a big store collection.  The car is battery operated and runs on 2 batteries.  All three the original rockets are present and Mazinger is ready to fire them.

Absolute NO flaws to mention on this toy, other than some wear to the box. The toy is in pristine condition and works fine and strong.

i did some serious research on this one but was not able to find some serious info on this toy… absolute rare and scarce… Mazinger Z driving a VW Beetle… wow !!

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