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Sankei – Robot 5

If you can not remember EVER seen this robot in any auction that you are 100 % correct !. Robot 5, made by Sankei in the late fifties was made in 3 color variations: Grey, Blue and Pink. There is a lot of mystery around this robot but one thing is for sure: rarest variation: pink ! As grey and blue both have been auctioned in the past years, this pink robot 5 never has been in auction so far….

I found the robot in Italy with the help of a good friend.  The condition of this robot is amazing !! near mint to mint robot and it simply looks as if it has never been played with at all.. In perfect working condition and even sparks a bit. Walks fine and the windup mechanism works like new. This example is simply impossible to ever upgrade… if you are looking for the best of the best… look NO further !

I have seen some serious collections in my life but I can not remember ever seen this robot before, other than in ONE collection in Germany along with some other rare Sankei robots. Only a handful of these pink variations are known to exist and its the holy grail for many many collectors… ( A robot really worth for driving some kilometers to the Netherlands to pick it up in person………..ahummm 🙂

Extremely rare and scarce robot that you will never see again in the open market in THIS condition….

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