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Osaka Tin Toy Institute – StormTrooper Prototype StarWars.

Its not easy to explain the history of this prototype simply because there is TOO much to tell about it but i will give it a try ! 🙂

With Starwars Episode I The Phantom Menace in 1999, The characters came back “alive” again. 3-CPO, Darth Vader, R2D2, Boba Fett and the StormTroopers.
The remains of the Japanese Toy Industrie, Metal House and Osaka Tin Toy Institute came back alive with the New Star Wars Movie as well and took the change to build up tin toys again like they did in the sixties: HIGH quality Tin toys, Robots and Space toys !Mr. Shinji Miyazawa was responsible for this project and went back to his drawing table to create these characters in lithographed tin under the full licence of LucasFilm Ltd.

He designed this these toys again from scratch and because these had to be made under full licence of LucasFilm, it was a long and difficult process. The result were a lot of drawings and changes before LucasFilm finally approved.

I was able to lay my hands on all the original drawings of these characters and all the prototypes, samples, handpainted parts and try outs. where most of this material was lost for robots of the sixties, This was a one of a lifetime change to get a good insight on the process of Japanese Tin Toy making…

It took me weeks to sort it all out because all came in boxes. Everything was there but had all to be sorted out. The original drawings were a good guideline to complete this.

So here is the first one to show, one of the StormTrooper Prototypes. The robot shows the process of creating the Litho for This StormTrooper. The robot is build up out of handpainted and test parts. The robots body is fully hand painted, the head is a sample part ( raisin and not hollow like the final head ) The leg show first test to fit the correct size and the mechanism is a working prototype as well.

This example was partly build up and I completed it with the correct parts according to the drawings. Its an Unique prototype StormTrooper of which not a second one exists. Handmade by Mr. Shinji Miyazawa in 1998. Its a full working prototype robot.

This Prototype comes with copies of the original drawings. I pictures some of these drawings. The box came with the prototype robot.
The drawings show the creating of the gun, adjustments to the hands, and there is a copy of the original LucasFilm Ltd. Approval License as well.

This is an absolute unique piece of robot history that must be kept in a robot collection. You will not have the change again to own such a piece of Japanese Tin Toy Robot history.

In total i was able to complete 3 different working prototypes of Osaka`s StormTrooper. I will list the other 2 later on my website.

Extremely Rare and Scarce Piece !

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