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Opset – Nando

There is a reason why robots are so popular in Italy. I always wondered why but when I got this little automan in hands, I know why… They build robots themselves already in 1955 while the golden Japanese Age was flushing over the world, the Italians build their own cool robots. NOt battery powered, not friction or clockwork powered… nopes they build a pneumatic robot and called them NANDO.

Nando was made by a small factory called Opset in Italy. Nando is a small robot, about 13 cm and 2 face variations are known.
In action the robot is powered by a pneumatic mechanism driven by a rubber remote bulb. Pressing the bulb makes the robot walk and move his head. As with most Nando`s, the rubber of the bulb and the mechanism inside dried out and therefore most of them will never walk again… BUT… .. THIS example DOES walk !   wow ! I found this robot in… surprise… Italy. Its the first complete Nando I have seen in years.  Nando is build out of tin and lacquered aluminium.

The condition if this Nando is near mint. The robot looks hardly been played with. 100 % complete with hose and bulb, 100 % complete face and original antenna. NO missing, damaged or broken parts. You can not find a better example !  Unbelievable that such a fragile robot survived so many years considering this robot is more than 55 years old !!

One of the hardest to find robots in complete condition. Scarce in this condition.

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