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Nomura – Yusei Kamen

Yusei Kamen was made in Japan by Nomura in 1966. Yusei Kamen was, or still is a Japanese character toy and was only made and sold in Japan for the Japanese Market. This ultra rare and scarce toy is mostly seen and found as a windup toy but… this is the Ultra rare Battery Operated version !
I tried to find some additional information about this character but there is not much to find, other than in Japanese and …. its not my best language 🙂

In action this toy walks forward with swinging arms and lighted head. it takes 2 D-cell batteries at the back. Its made out of Lithographed tin, with a rubber head and a nylon cape. I really doubt if this toy has ever been played with ! The condition of the toy is near mint to mint and I strongly believe its old store stock.
But there is more.. Yusei is accompanied by its ORIGINAL box in near mint condition as well !. even the original inserts are there.

This makes the toy an unbeatable combination. Near mint to mint, unplayed with robot, original cape and even the original golden sticker is still complete attached. The box is near mint and shows some light shelf wear and a puncture/tear in the top lid. It’s good for restoration, would not be a hard job and the box is more than worth it to give it some professional restoration. Of course the toy works strong, like new, no flaws to mention.

Extremely rare and scarce combination of robot and original box.

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