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Nomura – Space Rocket 8 Solar X.

Its not that often that you find a vintage toy with all the packing materials inside ( read: inserts ! 🙂 This example also comes with the rare and hard to find japanese box as well ! 🙂

Made by Nomura in the late sixties. This example, rocket 8 solar X was made for the Japanese Market.  Its the very first time I see this toy with ALL the inserts, even the rope to keep the wings in place is still there. Not sure but my best guess is that this toy has never been played with. The condition is near mint to mint and it works like a charm !, no flaws to mention.
The rocket shows fantastic litho, and the box is rare and scarce, hard to find in this condition.
so cool to see this rocket embedded in all the protection materials !..

Found this one years ago in Italy where it was part of a big collection robots and spacetoys.

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