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Nomura – Musical Drummer Robot

I think it was the 7th box with old tin toys that I opened to inspect a couple of months agoo, all part of a big robot and spaceoy collection I found in Italy. I saw the loose drum and i knew exactly where to look and to be careful 🙂 Here it is after I cleaned it a bit, dust dust dust ! 🙂

Nomura’s Musical Drummer Robot is an exceedingly rare toy. Build totally out of Lithographed Tin in the mid 1950`s ( 1956 to be exact )

The robot shows how the Nomura design heads kept infusing new and fascinating robot concepts into the basic Radar Robot pattern over the life of the production line. The basic Radar Robot design is all here. Straight legged movement, two tone color pattern, illuminated bulbed eyes, red ears, triangular shaped nose.  I always learned that Nomura`s Musical Drummer Robot was more a concept design, resulting in a scarce robot these days, not many has been build and even less have survived. Nevertheless the action of this robot is awesome, considering this robot was made in the fifties, the centre of the Golden Age.

In action the robot walks forward with lighted eyes, a space scene in his chest and while he walks, he beats his drum. The robot is battery powered and this is done by an awesome remote control shaped in the form of a robot head. If you ever think about a vintage robot from the fifties…. well then here you are. Vintage robot design in its purest form.

The condition of this Musical Drummer Robot is excellent to near mint and its very clear the robot has not much been played with. The robot, drum (Original Drum !!) , remote, wire…. they all look excellent and there are simply no flaws to mention about this robot, he works perfectly and strong as he did more then 50 years agoo. Stunning Litho and action, one of the best robots made in the fifties.

These robots does not surface too often in this condition. Very scarce and rare robot in any condition. Very hard to find. This example does not need any upgrade anymore and it comes with a professional handcrafted reproduction box as well.

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