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Modern Toys – Walking Knight in Armor

From Belgium this time, found on an attic where it was left almost unplayed with for many many many years. The box protected the knight very well but suffered from the years. For many years this “robot”  was searching for its place in the toy ranking…. it does not really belong to characters, not really to robots, and there is only ONE knight build in the Golden age so finally collectors gave this very rare toy a place… It belongs to the ROBOTS 🙂  and I know why…. Masudaya made a little replica back in the 90`s just as they did with the Gang of Five and you know what that means…. Scarcity 10 on a scale out of 10 !
Just take some time to look at the details and litho of this robot, Its out of this world and I can NOT remember a robot with nicer litho as this one.

This battery operated Knight in Armor was build in the late 1950`s and is one of the most scarce and rare “robots” from this time period. I have to admit I never saw one before in my life and I went through all my books and found ONE picture in the Big Modern Toys ( Masudaya ) book where it is listed and scarcity 10 / 10.

These robots simply never show up in the open market and never in this condition. This Knight and Armor is probably one of the few that survived in this condition and it just belongs in a museum. The knight has still his ORIGINAL sword and shield, original wire and battery box in near mint to mint condition and look at the Litho, WOW ! It even gets better… this robot was NEVER played with and spent its entire life in his original box lying on an attic in Belgium.

The condition of this Masudaya Knight in Armor is Mint. The robot has never been played with and is like new. Even more interesting is the original box. Not mint but at least its there ! There is some wear throughout and a small piece of one of the sidepanels is missing but WOW… what a great box, its like the box says ” VINTAGE ” . Even the original insert is still present. The robot was never opened and it stands here in front of you just like it left the Masudaya factory almost 60 Years agoo. You just have to put 2 fresh batteries in the remote and the Knight is ready to walk and fight.

There are no scratches, dings, rust or whatever, and the Knight works perfect as if it was new. 10 out of 10 on the scarcity scale, you will never find one again in this condition, but will it fit into your robot collection and do you dare to take the change the Knight puts one of your robots on his sword ? up to you 🙂

Impossible robot ( ahumm KNIGHT ) to upgrade MINT robot in its very good original box. Just looks like the robot and the box comes from the middle ages…. wow what a beautiful example !Unbelievable rare and scarce. You will easily find such a nice example of this legendary knight with its original box !

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