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Modern Toys – Non Stop Moon Explorer.

The base for this fantastic moonship was of course the legendary Sonicon Rocket which was produced allready in the early sixties. This Moon Explorer shares the same body with not the complex sonicon mechanism anymore.
What remained is a fantastic lithographed space toy with awesome artwork on the box, even better than the artwork for sonicon rocket.

This Moon Explorer was made in the mid sixties in Japan by Modern toys. The moon ship has mystery bump and go action and blinking lights at the back in green and red. Beautiful lithograph.

The condition of this Moon Explorer is near mint. The toy looks hardly been played with, works fine and strong, no flaws to mention on this one.  The explorer is accompanied by its original box in excellent condition as well. A small hole in the toplid and a small tear in one of the side panels is keeping this box from higher grading.

If you are looking for the best. than this is really a space toy to add to your collection. Satisfaction guaranteed !!

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