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Mihashi – Outer Space Patrol

Besides one other variation of this outer space patrol, I can not remember i saw any other spacetoys, manufactured by this company. Mihashi – Outer Space Patrol was made in the early sixties in Japan and is made out of lithographed tin. The toy is friction powered, produces sparks at the back and the cameraman in front turns from left to right while the toy moves forward.

It becomes even better because this example is complete with its original box. I found this rare spacetoy in The Hague ( Netherlands ) where it was part of the robot and spacetoy collection of Ben Jacobs who passed away a couple of years ago.  He left a real treasure behind and it all shows his passion for robots and spacetoys. Its really a pity i never met him in person. His legacy remains and will live on in the many drawings he made from his robots and spacetoys.

I found this outer space patrol on his attic. an attic filled with robots, spacetoys and many other collectibles. really too much, toooo much and when you walk around there, your brain can simply not process this information.  I met his son and his wife, very nice people and they helped me out to sort out some of the toys..

The condition of this outer space patrol is excellent. it shows some light playwear but the toy is complete and working. The box is original and i can not remember i ever saw the box for this toy before… Rare and scarce spacetoy !

The conditon of the box is excellent, a tear at one corner and some light shelfwear is all to mention.

VERY hard to find spacetoy i any condition.

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