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Marx Toys – Yeti The Abominable Snow Man

Well, to find a reason why this toy is so seldom seen in the market i did not have to search very long… or in fact it took me an hour or so but more about that later 🙂
The reason: He SHRIEKS . and to find out what that is and more important, how that SOUNDS.. you have to buy this robot ! or better said: Snow Man ! Because the sound this one makes is really OUT OF THIS WORLD… Never had a toy that makes more noise than this one… wow !  in the real world you would not even have to met the real Yeti to get scared.. this one does the job 🙂 .

Now back to the hour it took me… it turned out that you have to reverse the batteries to “fire up” the second action of the robot. when you insert the batteries they way you are use to, so the minus to the spring inside the remote, it makes the Yeti walk forward and make him Grunt. To fire up the SHRIEK action you have to put the batteries in the remote the other way around.. and then.. all hell breaks loose ! :).. the Yeti Raise his arms and he SHRIEKS ! 🙂 I added an extra remote to make things easier working.

This robot is so rare and scarce.. its really the first time one enters the Dutch Caves ( my workshop 🙂 . I had seen the robot before but in a smaller version and without the box. this one.. is the real thing !  Made in Japan in 1963 by Marx Toys.

The condition is excellent and the Yeti is working strong with all the actions. His fur is amazing and the years made it even better.. All original and complete with original white wire and remote control. The Remote is not working properly anymore and i added an extra remote so the Yeti works as should. Even the original trade mark tag is still present. The only thing to mention is some human influence on the remote control. The litho is not resistant against human hands.. agains the acid we produce… I took some details pics of this. Further this Yeti comes in its original box with inserts… An absolute impressive toy… impressive for a toy.. imagine how a real Yeti would impress us :)…

Extremely Rare and Scarce toy and almost as scarce and rare as the Real Yeti itself ! :)…

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