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KO Yoshiya – Cragstan Astronaut.

This astronaut was made by KO Yoshiya in Japan for Cragstan, who was a usa importer of toys.   Cragstan was a prety big player in the market those days and we all know them from other robots and spacetoys as well, that were made under their own brand.

Back to the robot now, or better said, Astronaut 🙂 It comes with Clear Plastic Helmet with Spin Ray Counter… I guess this refers to the antenna on top of the astronauts helmet 🙂

This astronaut was made in the early sixties and is made out of lithographed tin with a crank wound mechanism.  In action the robot walks forward and the “ray counter” spins on top of his helmet.

I can be short about the condition: Near mint to mint robot with ditto box.
The robot is in absolute stunning and unplayed with condition and spent its entire life in its original box.
The robot is flawless and works like new… not that surprising because it was never been played with. The box has one small tear in one of the short sidepanels and that is all to mention. near mint box.
Also the original inserts are present… Rare and scarce robot in this configuration.. NO upgrade needed on this one !

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