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Cragstan – Mighty Dog Space Car.

It was a bit unclear who made this fantastic Mighty Dog Space car. It should have been produced by Ichiko which is very well possible of course but at the bottom of the car is stamped: Cragstan. So ichiko made it for Cragstan… very well possible of course 🙂

The car and the dog of course point back to Laika, the first living creature that circled around our planet in the fifties. Laika lives on and is also the first dog sitting on a rocket or driving a car 🙂

whatever the idea must have been… fact remains that this is a pure space toy made in Japan in the early sixties by Ichiko for Cragstan.
Its no borderline space because have you ever seen a dog driving a car on this planet !! ?? or have you ever seen a dog sitting on a rocket… nopes… this is only possible in outer space, in galaxies, far FAR away 🙂 !

The condition of this car is excellent and only a little tear and a little missing piece in the windscreen is keeping this toy from higher grading. There is some light playwear throughout and a few little scratches. All original and complete car in perfect working order. The toy is friction powered and in action it goes forward while the dogs head moves from left to right.

Amazingly colors and litho, absolutely fantastic car that will fit perfectly in any robot and space toy collection.

Rare and scarce piece, i never saw it before in all those years.

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