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China – Space Boat MF 878

This rare little saucer came from a huge collection chinese toys that I bought in Italy. I had seen it somewhere before but I could not remember where until I browsed Pierre Boogearts book and there it was 🙂

This little saucer is friction powered. It has moving ” things”  on the left and right side of the astronauts dome and I still do not know what they are. Spacefrogs ? I have no idea 🙂
What I DO know is that this saucer is extremely rare. I talked to some collectors from which I know they love flying saucers as much as I do. One example showed up in pretty bad condition and that is all I could find. The saucer never showed up in any auction and is very desirable. It was build in the early 1960`s in China by an unknown manufacturer.

I can be short about the condition: near mint to mint and it looks like this saucer has never been played with. All three the domes are clear, no scratches and free of cracks. The antenna is original and in is perfect !. The litho is bright and shiny as it left the factory many many years ago. The saucer is complete and all original with all three the fins at the back. It works perfectly. Comes with original rare box in excellent condition.

Hard to upgrade example !

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