Project omschrijving

Bandai – Missiler Robot.

Well there wont be that many changes to add this robot to your collection as not many of these survived time. made in the early seventies by Bandai, made as a motorized do it yourself kit. The robot is battery operated and runs on 2 C-Cells with lighted head and spinning gears and paddle feet action

The body is see thru and that is what makes this robot so attractive. In 20 years of collecting this is the only example I ever ran accros. The robot has some issues though .. first its not working. I will let that part to the new owner.. for me it was on my shelves for quite some years… There are no missiles present ( that can go in the arms, and the shoulder cabs are reproductions.
Further there battery cover is held with 2 small pieces of tape as it does not keep in place without them. There are a few small cracks but nothing serious. and one of the gears lies inside the robot, its there but needs to be put back in place.. for that you need to open up the robot, something for you to decide..

BUt.. if you are looking for a super duper scarce piece of robot history that look no furhter.. this is it !! exceedingly rare and scarce robot in ANY condition !…

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