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Bandai – Atom Jet 1

I would say: “sign of Rarity” instead of “Sign of Quality” 🙂 This text is written at the bottom of this Atom Boy Car, Atom Jet number ONE. From Japan I met a collector who only collected Japanese Atom Boy Related Toys. I came into contact with him and he was willing to show his collection, WOW, impressive…A motorcycle with Atom Boy, Fire Truck with Atom Boy.. I never saw them before. After a long talk he was willing to sell some of his items and I bought the Motorcycle AND this awesome Atom Boy Car.

He explained to me that this was the only example of this car he ever saw in his life. I had to agree with him so far because I can not remember I ever saw it before myself. I searched the web, books, auctions and even The Japanese Character auction from Morphy about 2 years ago… I expected this car there but NO luck.
Neither I was able to find pictures or any other information… a great find again !

The car, Atom Jet 1 is made by Bandai, probably in the mid or late sixties. Its made out of tin with a rubber atom boy head. funny detail is that on bandai atom toys, they always look a bit sad. ( compare it to the motorcycle from Asakusa, somewhere on my site as well, this atom boy smiles, not on the Bandai toys…they look.. serious ! 😉 I can imagine because, look at the car, what a super space speed example, the exhaust pipes, amazing !! The car has an exceptional shape, big wheels with tin hub cabs and a windscreen and is friction powered.

The condition is excellent and the car is in played with condition… its ok because the car survived the years very very well. Its complete, all original and there are no flaws to mention, other than some scratches at the bottom. The Chrome parts are untouched and still bright as is the litho, atom and the rest. Outstanding Litho…Japanese writing, What a great space toy ! I have a weakness for Atom Boy so I was very very excited with this car.

The Japanese owner told me he never saw the box before for this car so that stays a mystery.

Extremely Rare and Scarce Atom Boy Space Jet Number ONE !, made in Japan by Bandai…

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