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Asakusa – Mighty Atom de Luxe Parade Car

Not sure about the exact year of production but must be somewhere early in the seventies. this tin made friction powered and open top sedan car with vinyl Atom Boy at the wheel and Uran in the back is an absolute rarity !  Made in some color variations where this light green version is the hardest to find IF… you can even find an example of this car. First one that enters the Dutch Caves in almost 20 years.  Made by Asakusa  in Japan (that we, robot lovers known the best from Thunder Robot 🙂

This Mighty Atom de Luxe Parade Car ( with Utan and the rabbit in the passenger seat ) is in excellent condition with only minor play wear. All original and complete, no flaws to mention .. a fantastic example.. and .. its a BIG car…measures over 30 CM in length !! amazing.

IF you are or were ever after this Parade Car than this is your best shot to add it to your collection. Extremely hard to find.. Rare and Scarce and wow… what a beauty !!

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