Project omschrijving

AHI – Batmobile 1972.

Made in Japan and marked: National Periodical Publications Inc. Made in Japan.

This blue Batmobile is based on a 1955 concept Car Lincoln Futura. Many variations of this Batmobile were made over the years and I stopped counting them, I believe i found more than 20 variations made from 1966 till 1974./

This example is made somewhere between 1972 and 1974. Like I said, made in several variations with different canopies, wheels, battery boxes etc etc.

For sure is that THIS example survived time VERY well. The Batmobile is in near mint and original working condition. Besides some light playwear there is nothing else to mention on this one.  Made in Japan by ASC / AHI

Made out of lithographed tin with plastic parts. Robin and Batman behind the steering wheel. The batmobile is battery operated and comes with my stery bumb and go action and flashing lights. Clean battery compartment and the batmobile works fine and strong.

Not showing up that often in the market, scarce batmobile, hard to find in this condition.

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