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Yoshiya – Sparky Robot Champagne Variation

Huh ! ? Champagne Variation ! ?… well read it like this: ” Champagne Variation ” .. makes more sense.. let me explain.
Yoshiya ( KO ) made many variations of this robot in different colors and litho schemes. silver ( several variations ) blue ( 2 variations ) and gold ( TWO ! variations )
There is the normal golden Sparky and… tadaaaa the Light gold or as I like to call it.. Champagne Variation !

and besides the fact that this one is looking awesome.. its perhaps the most difficult one to find in this series of sparky robots as most collectors are not even aware that this light golden version exists.. ( and no ! its not discolored gold one ! 🙂

The robot is made in Japan by KO Yoshiya in the early sixties.. The condition is absolute excellent with some minor wear. The clockwork mechanism is functioning perfectly and the robot even sparks behind its eyes.

A VERY rare color variation that is seldom seen in the market.

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