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Yoshiya  ( KO ) – Sparky Robot Blue Piston Variation

Sparky Robots were made in the late fifties and came in several variations. I have learned there are 7 known variations. One thing is sure and that is that there are TWO blue variations. This, the
” Piston Variation is the most scarce one ( and the most beautifull one also ! 😉 The litho is totally different than the more “regular”  one with gears lithoed on the body.

there were 2 blue variations made by KO. one in some lighter blue and one in darker blue with pistons in the litho, the rarest and most scarce one nowadays.

The conditon of the robot is excellent and besides some light playwear and some minor scratches there is not much else to mention about this robot. All original and complete and the robot is in working condition.
Even better is the fact that the robot comes with its original AND very rare and scarce socalled “Detective” box. The condition of the box is excellent as well. a small tear in the toplid and one in the left upper corner is keeping the box from higher grading.

A very scarce combination, blue sparky piston robot with original detective box… !

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