Project omschrijving

Yoshiya – Space mobile X-15 Prototype

This prototype was found in a sears office building that was already closed. The new owner that rented of a part of the building had to clean up the offices and found a box with several prototypes and belong those toys there was also this prototype. He kept it for many years and decided to sell it last year.

This prototype of Space mobile X-15  gives a perfect insight of how these toys developed. The toy is handmade and handpainted as well. and is also working. The astronaut is an original astronaut that belongs to the final product. I was lucky to find a loose original astronaut to complete this prototype.

This Space mobile prototype is the only known example. There is a sticker at the bottom.

Of course, all prototypes are scarce, rare and hard to find because mostly there are only a few made. This is a prototype of a much searched for and hard to find space toy. Will display AWESOME besides the original toy 🙂 and to be honest… it looks better than the final product ! 🙂

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