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Yoshiya – Smoking Flying Saucer

Cragstan (Yoshiya/KO) Smoking Saucer 1960`s, Made in Japan. It was manufactured by Yoshiya (KO) and distributed by Cragstan.
This flying saucer has some very rare and special actions. When turned on, the saucer makes a ‘real’ space noise, then heads out exploring its world. suddenly it stops, with real smoke coming out of its exhaust pipes at the back. when the engine is ready again, it ‘shifts’ into its first gear and the saucer is gone again with space noise and flashing blue and red lights.

There is a very nice lithographed astronaut that controls this spaceship. This Smoking Flying Saucer is in Excellent to near mint condition. It has been stored in its original bottom box for many many years.  Works fine and strong with start / stop action, swivelling lights and even some smoke escapes from the exhaust pipes, not much anymore but still a bit :)…

Make no mistake here, these smokers seldom show up in the market… The hardest to find in this KO series !… Rare and Scarce toy

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