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Yoshiya (KO) – Planet Robot.

One of my Italian contacts that i did not spoken with since a year or so, called and texted me with some nice finds in Rome 🙂  This planet robot was part of that collection and I can not recall I ever had it listed on this website before.

The robot is of course a Robby the Robot Knock Off but one very well made.  Made in Japan in the early sixties by KO Yoshiya. The robot is battery operated by a remote control. In action the robot walks forward with a rotating antenna and lighted “mouth” section.

I had some loose examples of this robot before but for whatever reasons, never had it with the original box.  The robot is hard to find but with the box its seldom seen around.

Even better is the robots condition, near mint robot with excellent box. NO flaws to mention other than some clear tape on the inside of the box to keep 2 tears in place, an absolute above average example of this hard to find robot. works fine and strong with all the actions. original wire and remote AND with the original box !   Fantastic example !

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