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Yoshiya – Jupiter Flying Saucer

This is one of the latest flying saucers that was build by Yoshiya in Japan in the late 1960 (1968) and its a perfect example of how the quality and creativity died during the years. Remember the first yoshiya saucers they build in the late fifties ? the red tin ones with the dome and the detailed astronaut that drives the saucer with his hands ? there is not much left in this Jupiter flying saucer of that creative workmanship…Jupiter Flying Saucer tells the story of the near to dead Japanese Toy making at the end of the golden age…

Therefore its even more strange that this Jupiter Flying Saucer is more and more searched for by collectors ( or maybe its not THAT strange )  It shares the same actions with his brother, KING flying saucer. Flashing lights, rotating body, a VERY loud and snirping spacesound and the lifting action that lifts the body to 45 degrees angle.

While the King is pretty common, Jupiter is NOT. Its one of the harder to find flying saucers of the yoshiya series.Why ? I think the toy did sell terrible those days, the lack of creativitiy, and the fragile lifting system did not made this saucer very popular.

Hard to find in working condition and with its original box. This example is in mint / new condition and has NEVER been played with. It was probably stored for years in a warehouse and spent its time there unsold.  It works like new. The box suffered from storage and has a puncture as shown in the picture. It has been repaired from the inside and needs touchup at the outside. Overal the box is in great condition.

Hard to find in new and working condition with original box.

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