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Yonezawa – Moon Patrol Vehicle X-5 ( Lightblue variation )

Made in Japan in the early sixties by Yonezawa. this moon patrol was made in 3 different colour variations: darkblue, white and this one in lightblue.

All three are hard to find but white is the most scarce one, than lightblue and than the “common” dark blue one.

In action this tinmade vehicle hoovers around with mystery bump and go action, rotating antenna and flashing light action in the gun.  Battery operated, runs on 2 D-Cells.

I found this example in Germany some years ago and it was packed aways since than.  I finally had the time to dive it up and test it properly and do some cleaning because the toy was covered in dust.
It runs fine and strong with all the actions, no flaws to mention on this one.

Very hard to find in this complete condition because the antenna is always missing on these toys.  Rare lightblue variation in excellent complete, all original and working condition.

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