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Yonezawa – Mighty Robot

Build in 1967… wait a minute.. that is the year I was born so this robot is also 44 years old. Other than myself, this one comes from Japan where the robot was manufactured by Yonezawa. Mighty Robot or better known as Athlete Robot is a robot with strange action. First this robot is powered by a strong clockwork mechanism. 2 variations are known. If I remember correctly they differ only in the place of the on/off switch. Cause for this is that 2 different clockworkmechanisms were used in this robot..

Yonezawa`s Mighty robot is build out of lithographed tin and some plastic parts, the “hands” and the head are plastic. In action this robot walks forward and his arms and hands go up and down as if the robot is doing weightlifting exercise. Unusual action for a robot from the sixties.

The box shows the awesome artwork. Athlete has one of the best boxes in the scene ! 🙂 The condition of the robot is excellent. The robot is complete, all original and shows only minor wear. Interesting detail is the spidering on the black tin legs. I have seen 7 of these robot now and all had the same issue on the legs, minor spidering. Best guess is that the black paint was not good attached to the tin legs, I just have no other explanation for this. The robot works strong and perfect.

The box is 100 % original and excellent to near mint. No flaws to mention. I dont think you can do much better than this example. Overall I would rate this robot near mint. I never saw a better boxed example of this legendary robot which is… you could have guessed it.. Hard, VERY hard to find In any condition. IF you are able to find this robot than mostly the mechanism is broken and always its missing the original box. Yonezawa`s Mighty Robot aka Athlete robot is a robot that should not be missing in any collection.

Scarce robot and box. A beauty !

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