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Yonezawa – Mercury X-1 Flying saucer

I found this saucer in Australia a couple of years ago. In fact I found 3 of these but this was the only complete one, the other 2 were parts and not complete. The previous owner spent 7 years trying to buy parts to make ONe complete saucer and when he almost had them complete, he found a boxed complete one… Once he had them he decided to sell them all  lucky me !!

I have to admit… although you see these from time to time, i NEVER saw a complete working one with original box. Its not a high valuable saucer but its “rare like sjiet”  and very hard to find in this condition. Mercury X-1 Flying Saucer, build in Japan in the mid 1960`s (1964) It was manufactured by Yonezawa (Y) but was distributed by Mego. This is fairly an uncommon space toy. With Excellent actions it runs with mystery bump & Go Action, the rear rocket tail engine blazes with very colourful spinning lights of blue and red. The white plastic dome on top has also spinning lights of white and red. But the strangest thing perhaps is the space sound this space ship produces. It sounds a bit like a “space banjo” Very cool to see it in action.

This Mercury X-1 flying spaceship is in excellent original condition and comes with its original box and the often missing original antenna. The box has some wear but still the artwork is clear and shiny. There is no rust, there are no dings and the battery compartments are clean and the saucer works as if it was new.
Mercury X-1 runs perfectly with a strong motor and flashing lights. However, the toy has been played with and has some light scratches and playwear. still the litho is very clear and shiny as you can see in the pictures.

As a mid 1960 Spacetoy ( 1964 ) Yonezawa Mercury X-1 is highly sought after by collectors. Its not easy to find 100 % working and complete (with antenna) versions anymore because most of them suffer from broken gears in the engine. This one however has been tested and it works as if it was new. All the lights work, radar in the white dome spins and the moment Mercury X-1 is put on a flat surface, it heads out to find the chairs and other stuff to bump into, turns around and heads out back in space….a wonderful and very entertaining space toy.

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