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Yanoman – Space Traveling Monkey

When mankind set first steps on the moon.. it looked that they were accompanied by a monkey who was ready for a vacation on the moon 😉
Seriously.. i have NO idea what the connection could have been here…

even more mysterious is that i found this toy in Russia… of all places…
and more…. its mint in ditto box… and that makes it a gem for sure.

The toy is made in the early seventies in Japan by Yanoman. Tin and plastic made toy, battery operated with cool actions.
The batteries go in the suitcases, and in action the space monkey walks forward using the suits and tumbles from time to time.. very cool to see this one in action.

I can be short about the condition: Mint Robot Monkey in Mint original box. NO flaws to mention and the toy works fine and strong !

Extremely scarce in this condition !

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