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Yanoman – Space Scout S-17

This beautiful crafted spaceship, made by Yanoman in Japan is one of my personal favorites because of the design, litho and many cute actions. Build in the mid 1960`s (I think its 1964 but still investing the exact year) Yanoman Space Scout S-17 is one of the most attractive battery operated spacetoys that were ever made. It features mystery bump&go action. A pilot/astronaut in control fires his space gun that is illuminated and produces a loud ra-ta-ta sound. He swings his gun from left to right just to make sure he won’t miss an enemy 🙂

Not only the actions and litho but also its shape makes this a very attractive space toy. In front of this spaceship is a Red dome that is illuminated and shows the “engine” of the ship. At the back there is a rotating antenna. There are 2 versions known, one with a white dome ( with swirling light ) and this one with a red dome (No swirling light but static ).

The condition is excellent. There is a crack in the dome as shown in the pictures and there is very minor corrosion in the battery compartment. most if it can be cleaned away but I will leave that to decide to the new owner. Its minor but i have to mention it. In full working order with original antenna. The red dome version is rare and scarce and this is the second time in 15 years that one crossed my path.. . Box is excellent as well with some normal wear. box is original and complete.

Very scarce red dome variation !

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