Project omschrijving

VST – X-53 Boxer Robot.

When i finished the X-54 Beetle Commander Robot I decided it would also be great to rotate the boxer engine 90 degrees in the same robot and the idea for X-53 Boxer Robot was born.

Again i used a Horikawa Space Explorer Robot for this project. Removing the internal Space scene leaves enough room inside the robot to add the mechanism for the boxer engine with rotating fan and moving pistons.

I decided to give this second engine robot a different head. I had a spare horikawa head that i wanted to use the way it was but as i thought it was really way to common, i started to give it a different look.

The robot has walking action with a lighted engine room. than the robot stops walking and “shifts” into boxer engine modes. The motor starts to work, fan spins and the internal pistons starts to work as well, accompanied by special blue engine light and also the robots eyes light up in this mode.

The robot almost looks like it works in hybrid mode because when the boxer motor has done its job, the robot shifts into walking action again and follows his path.

The robot works on 2 regular D-Cell batteries that goes in the back.
Its an unique example of which only ONE was made.

You can see the robot in action HERE

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