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VST – U-TOM The Robot    DIY KIT

Well, what is to mention about this DIY ( Do it Yourself ) Robot Kit.

A lot because a lot of this robot remains a mystery.

U-Tom Robot dates back to 1967 but i doubt if the robot was ever made in this configuration. Than the robot dates back to 2005, the year the “original” casted Robot Kit was produced in Japan by O.M.T Trade Mark.  Also the “original” robot kit was not more than some casted robot parts and I strongly believe that not only the robot but also the box were custom made in Japan in 2005.

To make things even more mysterious, i made a reproduction again from the molded parts of 2005. I made high resolution 3D scans of the parts and printed them in high resolution with 3D Printing technology. From there I build up the robot again as you can see in the pictures. A fantastic creation, U-Tom the Robot.. Amazing, its from Another Planet…. and yes, I strongly believe it IS because everything about this creation is a mystery.

Nevertheless… U-Tom Is a fantastic robot, brought back to life in this custom project. I build up 3 examples of this static robot as shown in the pictures. The robot is static and is hand painted to the finest details according to the fantastic artwork on the box, which is, also custom made in 2005 !.

When you buy this robot you will receive everything to build this robot yourself. All the 3D printed parts with still the support material attached. You need to remove that yourself with a sharp knife. Than you have to hand paint the parts with the provided paint and materials. After that you can add the decals and glue the robot together. Even the box is DIY and you have to build that one yourself as well.

Total time to complete this robot is approx. 6-8 hours, Its really fun to do and amazing to see this robot being born out of your own hands.

In the DIY Kit you will find all the parts and materials to build this robot yourself ( DIY ). There is not mechanism for this robot so you dont need any technical background. a steady hand to paint the parts and some patience to glue the robots parts is all you need. Building the box is easy as the box parts are already cut. You only need to staple the box and add the artwork to the front and the sides.  Of course you can contact me if you need any help, building up this U-TOM Robot.

The robot is available in 3 colours. Light and Dark Blue and Grey, which one you want to add to your shelves is up to you. Let me know the colour of your choice when you buy this robot. Further, U-Tom Robot will be available in a small run of only 10 pieces for each color. Every DIY kit will be individually numbered and accompanied by an ID card of origin. In the pictures you see all the parts you will receive for this U-TOM Robot DIY Kit. The 3 build up examples are NOT part of this auction. You will only receive the robot as a DIY kit.  Plz refer to the pictures and drop me all the questions you may have.

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