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VST – Super 1 Robot Bulldozer

Bandai, Sears, Cragstan, Nomura and even Yonezawa….. I think they all contributed to this impressive space toy. I found it in Italy in a big robot and space toy collection. You just can not miss this toy, its relative big, cool and impressive ! I never saw it before. Its made in Japan in the mid sixties and the toy is only marked ” Made in Japan ” it’s from the same series as the area radiation tester and that toy has also parts from Yonezawa again… I keep the brand on Bandai because that was my first thought when I saw the toy.

This awesome Space bulldozer is powered by 3 big batteries and they are needed to get the big toy going with the use of handles: forward, backwards, left right AND… there is a handle to start the smoke. In control of the handles is a robot. The toy is made out of tin with rubber tracks. the condition is excellent to near mint and I doubt if the toy was much been played with. All original parts, tracks etc and it works fine and strong. There is no box. I have looked everywhere if I could find even a picture but no luck so far.

Again a very rare space toy, i never saw it before ever. Its impressive and cool on a factor 10 out of 10

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