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Arnold / VST – Radar Master Robot.  ( Number 2 of 3 )

when I met Claus again in Brussels last year at the collect-hit 2014 my attention was drawn by an old boat.  At the end if the day when most robots were sold and not much was left, Claus had an unsold item on his table:. an ultra rare, never seen before boat 🙂 !! but it was not the boat that had my attention, it was the remote control of the boat, the transmitter and the receiver. In an eyeblink i saw a robot there and I bought the parts and left the boat with Claus :).

The boat was made by Arnold in West – Germany in the late fifties and was probably one of the first remote controlled toys.
I took the parts home and started to think about making it a real working robot. Than my eye fell on Mego Man in my workshop and suddenly It all fell at place and the idea was born. I made some sketches and drawings to give the body arms and legs and cut them out in paper and cardboard. The internals of the transmitter and the receiver had to be removed and I found some serious electronics inside. I was able to remove it all and leave the outer parts intact.

For the mechanism I had to find a solution to drive the wheels, strong enough to let the robot move forward and I took an old existing mechanism that did fit perfectly inside the body part of the robot. I had to replace the main gears and the rod to drive the wheels. The speed was adjusted and made usable to drive the wheels at the correct speed. The wheels arms and legs were computerdrawn by a professional architect and made into the correct size to fit the body. Then they were lasercut in 2 mm aluminium. I had the paint special made for the arms, wheel and legs and choose the same colors that were used on the body.

The whole mechanism is powered by 2 internal AA – Batteries, the on/off switch is used to turn the robot on and off and the impulse button is used to power the Beep Beep sound in the robot. This second version has a GREEN light where the first one had a RED light. The robots “head” was reversed and was given an extra “ear”, a switch that was inside the boat. It took me a couple of weeks to make sure it all fitted, all works and I had to think about a way to keep the robot upright. a wheel at the back keeps the robot that is tilted a fraction to the back, upright and a small support at the front keeps it from tilting forward. In the hole where once was an antenna, a little original light bulb from the boat is installed, the light powers up when the robot is walking.

In action the robot runs forward with spinning “radar” wheels, moving legs and swinging arms. The light in red lights up and when the “impulse” button is pressed, the robot beeps as well. Powered by 2 internal AA batteries that can be easily replaced.

Only 3 of these robots will be made as i was able to locate a third boat that had the original remote control. This is number 2 of 3.
An absolute Unique Robot: VST – Radar Master Robot.  Radar Master Robot is accompanied by a special designed original and absolute unique artwork box, special made for this robot. Here is a video of the robot in action: CLICK HERE

The robot comes with an original certificate number 2 of 3.

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