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VST / Ichiko – Space Patrol X-5

I always wondered why this car was often found without the astronaut untll i found this example… Its simple.. the head is poorly attached to the car so will fall off easily.. result.. most of these cars are found without the astronauts head.

Now maybe this is a PRO because the astronaut is not the best looking one in the scene..

When i found this car it was missing.. of course.. the head of the astronaut in control…..   took some days to think it over and deciced to fix the car with a robot head… not just a robot head but a special one….. the head of roboter 700 ! 🙂

After scaling all the parts back to the size to fit the car, I had to do some tests to see how to print the parts. because of the reducing of the size, the “walls” are thinner so i had to adjust the slicing program.

I 3D printed the parts in matching colors and even found real bulbs that fit in the opening for the eyes. The eyes are not connected but look exactly like the original robot, only smaller 🙂

The antenna and ears were also a big challenge to print them this small.. it all turned out fine.  The result is somehow stunning… a near mint ichiko space patrol X-5 Car, driven by Roboter 700 🙂   Japanese and German toymaking combined with old and new technology… who would have thought this would ever happen. !

The condition of the car is near mint with a perfect working mechanism. The car rolls forward and the robot lifts its arm with gun from time to time to do his regular shooting thing… The head is a scaled exact copy of the original roboter 700 head with all the details as antenna, eyes and ears.

An unique toy, only ONE has been made so this is an exclusive  1 out of 1 toy ! 🙂  Comes complete with official certificate.

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