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VST – Batman Bump&Go Bumper Batmobile.

It has been a while.. too long in fact, that i took the time to make a new creation. I have several toys here waiting with an idea tagged on them but. time.. that is all i need.. time ! :).  The idea was to make a batman bumper car out of an incomplete toy i found. I made a 3D scan from a batman head some years ago and that file i could use again to make a good head in the correct dimensions for this bumper car.  I hand painted the face ( respect for the japanese who did this handpainting for many toys in the past.. its indeed a very precise work.. you really can not be in a hurry for that 🙂

I also added a 3D printed logo on the car and added the cape.  The toy comes with bump&go action ( by crank ) and works fine. The bumper car was made in the early sixties by KO Yoshiya in Japan by the way.

I will make a limited series these bumper cars with all a different theme. This Batman Bump and Go Bumper car is the first one I made in this series.

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