Project omschrijving

Uzawa – Screaming Battle Robot.

This prototype Robot was designed somewhere in the seventies by a famous Japanese Artist Mr. Uzawa and build together with Mr Shinji Miyazawa in Japan. The brand is the name of the designer by the way.

The robot is a one of a kind hand build and handpainted Prototype of which only one exists. Its made out of plastic and tin plated parts with walking action, screaming noise and sound, blinking headlights and rockets that can be fired from the side of his head. The robot is powered by 2 C-Cell Batteries and the functions are controlled by two on/off switches at the back of the robot.

You can see clearly the influence of the designer and the craftmanship of Shinji Miyazawa. Together they build up this fantastic robot and its really a pitty that it was never taken into production.

The condition of this prototype is excellent to near mint and the robot is in full working condition with walking action, noise, lights and rockets to fire from the head section. Fantastic and precise drawn and build to the finest details… A one of a kind ultra rare and scarce prototype…

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