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USVD – Vytvarna Remesia – Astronaut.

Now, that trademark is one you dont see that often 🙂  USVD Vytvarna Remesia ( Art Crafts ) was a toy company based in Czechoslovakia in the late fifties and early sixties.

Not much.. ehhh nothing is known about this company. Its a miracle that i was able to find out this information ( from the seller ) and I assume its correct because the seller is located in that region and deals more with this kind of ultra rare toys.

Back to the toy now.. the astronaut is all but common… its different in many ehhh no ALL ways 🙂  The base is made of iron, not tin but iron and covered with fabric.  Underneath is a serious clockwork mechanism hidden.  The helmet and tanks at the back are made of plastic but the astronauts head is probably made of wood and handpainted, all packed in its original box with original windup key ! 🙂

Its clear that in those days, toys for children were scarce and I think you would have been lucky as a kid there to ever get such or any toy.

The astronaut is powered by a clockwork mechanism and walks forward by pinwalking action. The condition is near mint to mint and this astronaut looks like it was never been played with ever. Its complete, all original and like i mentioned before, near mint to mint. Made in Czechoslovakia in the early sixties ( I believe its made in 1962 or 1963 )

An absolute rare find again.. I saw this astronaut only once in my collecting years but in bad condition and it was dated to russia… thats not correct.. the toy is made in Czechoslovakia, 100 % sure about that.

Utra rare and scarce find… fantastic piece of eastern robot and space history.. should be on display in a museum for sure !

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