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Technofix – Space Orbiter.

I really would like to tell a lot about this toy but finding any information about it is very hard… I found this toy through a good friend of mine overhere in the Netherlands. It was found on a local auction and wow.. what a great litho on this toy.. really smashing litho with rockets, spaceman and spaceships… perhaps the best space lithographed toy I have ever seen in all those years.

Then we step a bit into darkness…. The box has a handwritten sticker on it that says: Space Orbiter.   Thats about it.
The toy itself is marked Technofix but I could not find much ( read: none) info on the web about this toy.

Its amazing it survived in original and complete condition. I would date it back to the early sixties, maybe even older… fifties.
The toy is build out of 2 parts… the driving mechanism with a clockwork motor and the base. they click together easily. When wound up, the dish starts to rotate and picks up the tinmade satellites using magnetic small spots in the spinning wheel.
Picked up from the right, brought to the left and there they are released for their journey into outer space… when the finished the journey… they come back to the wheel and are picked up again there.

The Space Orbiter is accompanied by its original box.. not very interesting but original for sure. The toy is near mint to mint and looks like it was never been played with at all. NO flaws to mention. it works like new as well.   a miracle the toy survived in this complete and original condition with both the original satellites…

Really NEVER seen before… MUST be an ultra rare and scarce piece of spacetoy history… anybody who has seen it before or has any additional information.. feel free to drop me an email

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