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Tada – W3 Man

W3 Man or wonderman was part of the Atom Boy Saga in the late sixties and was well known in Japan those days. Not much can be found on the web about this rare robotman. I will do some more investigation. Fact remains that W3 Man with long legs is very popular by robot and space toy collectors.

I found this robot in Denmark ( surprisingly 🙂 some years ago where it was part of a big character collection. I bought the robot because it has something mysterious, can not tell why exactly but its an awesome robot AND box for sure. Not much of these robots are known to exist, ultra rare and scarce robot with original box.

W3 Man is made out of tin and is powered by a clockwork mechanism. The condition of the robot is excellent and besides some light playwear, no other flaws to mention. The windup mechanism works fine and strong. Bright colors, bright litho and the toy is all original and complete. The original box is ultra scarce and is in good condition as well. The box shows some wear and damage as shown in the pictures.
An unique robot and original box, a rare and scarce combination that you will not see too often in the open market .

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