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SY – Mechanical Flying Man

One of the best robot swings ever made comes from SY. Made in Japan in the mid 1960`s. This time its not a baby swing like we all know but a real robot in a swinging car, guess the baby turned out to be a real robot and bought himself a car to swing. Totally made out of outstanding tinplate with a great box with awesome artwork. In action the robot in his car swings forward and backwards. The toy is powered by a clockwork mechanism. The toy is finished with a tinplate and lithographed flag which says: Playland.

The condition of this Driving Robot is mint and it comes in its mint rare box which is marked: ” exclusive for Italy ” The toy has never been played with and was found in an old toyshop in Italy along with some other exclusive italy made robots and rockets. Old stock which has been stored away for many many years. I found 2 of these so I am selling one. You can not do better than this one. Complete and all original mint Driving Robot in Mint rare box.

You dont see these too often in the open market and for sure not in this condition. Impossible to ever upgrade !!

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