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Osmo Hong Kong – Man on Moon.

Of all the plastic robots and astronauts, this one is one of the rarest I have seen around for years. I found the robot over here in Holland where it was part of a beautiful robot and space toy collection.
This all plastic made MAN 🙂 was made in Hongkong by OSMO in the late sixties or early seventies, probably just after the first man on the moon.

Made out of plastic with awesome detecting actions, walking action, the head can be turned, backpack with antenna and much more to discover on this robot.
The condition … i can be short: near mint condition with original box and all the inserts. The robot works fine and strong, lights up and still walks perfectly… remote is perfect, all original and free of any damage. I dont think you can find a nicer example of this rare and scarce Man on Moon !

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