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Osaka Tin Toy Institute – Gigantor no.5 Tetsujin 28 Robot Dark Blue Variation.

This Robot was made in the late nineties in Japan by OTTI. Made on the same molds as the original robots. Funny detail is that they are still marked with TN ( Nomura ) No idea why that is to be honest.
This example is not numbered. It was found in the workshop of Mr. Shinji Miyazawa who passed away in 2013.  Many samples and prototypes were found in his workshop and this robot was part of that inventory. Now. i can not tell if this example was a sample or prototype. I dont have any others to compare but the fact that Mr  Miyazawa kept it in his workshop for all those years, must be with a reason. My best guess is that this one was a first run, color sample but not sure about that.

This example is not numbered. Its complete and working and unplayed with. Complete with inserts and original remote control and wire. Comes in original otti box.
Condition is working, near mint to mint.

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