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Nomura – Super Kun

Character toys were and still are a different chapter in the history of the Golden Age. Only made for the Japanese Market and therefore not often found outside Japan. Super Kun belongs to the characters like Astro Boy, Tetsujin and many others. A closer examination of this Super Kun and you can see Astro Boy in the robots face… Maybe its his brother, I have no idea to be true. I will try to invest this rare character further and will put the outcome here 🙂

What i DO know 🙂 is that this very rare robot was made by Nomura in Japan in the early 1960`s. Super Kun is marked with TN and even has the original marks in the form of a sticker that i have seen on more character toys.  This robot is totally made out of lithographed tin except for his cape. Under the cape is the on / off switch hidden. Super Kun is wind-up powered with a clockwork mechanism. Beautiful litho on the robot and Japanese writing and markings wich say: SUPER KUN…. 🙂

The condition of this robot is really excellent. Untouched, never messed with before and it shows normal light playwear. Of course he works strong with a nice clicking sound and he walks great. His head wobbles from left to right. There is no box.

A very rare robot / character robot that is normally never seen in the open market. You will not see this one again soon. Rare and scarce

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