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Nomura – Super Kun Jet x-3

Makino Productions was responsible for the design of this airplane with Super Kun behind the steering wheel. Made in Japan in the early sixties by Nomura. Its totally clear that this toy was produced only for the Japanese Market as there is only Japanese on the toy. Super Kun was a very popular character those days and its one of my favorites as well. The friendly Face of KUN makes these toys “smile”.

This X-3 plane is rare and scarce and not often seen in the open market. In action this plane hoovers around with space sound and mystery bump and go action while Super Kun`s headlights blink rapidly. The condition is excellent, all complete and even the cape is present. Clean battery compartment and the toy is complete and in really excellent condition and works fine and strong. Complete and all original.

If you are in the market ( and who isn`t 🙂 for Japanese Character Toys than Super KUN X-3 is really a toy not to be missed in your collection…..

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