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Nomura – Space Patrol Car

This space patrol car is better known as “Robby on Studebaker”. It was made in Japan in the early sixties. Made by Nomura in Japan. This legendary car was made in color variations, light and dark blue. This is the dark blue variation. This all tin made studebaker is driven by nobody else than ROBBY the robot. He is steering the car AND he is in control of an lighted x-ray laser gun that is mounted on the hood of the car. Mystery bump and go action, swiveling and lighted gun with space and shooting sound.

This car was part of a robot and space toy collection that i found in Italy Rome last year. There were some remains of the original box as well but all so much damaged that I dont even dare to show it along with this car… a pitty… The condition of this battery operated studebaker car is excellent. The car is in played with condition and shows some wear throughout from being played with. The car is complete, all original and is in perfect working condition. Clean battery compartment as well. Still an above average example of this legendary car. Extremely hard to find in complete and good working condition. Impossible to find with the original box, never saw a nice complete box for this car….

Rare and Scarce spacetoy that is very very hard to find in any condition.

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