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Nomura – Robotank Z Space Robot

Made in Japan in the mid sixties and made in several variations. this is the more scarce version and its also one of the latest versions made but it comes with the nicest boxart !

Tinmade robot with a plastic dome and bottom and battery operated ( 2 Dcells ) . In action the robot moves around with shooting lighted guns, moving arms and mystery bump and go action. Impressive robot for sure.

The condition is excellent to near mint and only some minor dings and scratches, just below the dome are keeping the robot from higher grading. I dont think the robot has ever been played with before because it was not working when he arrived here. the motor was totally gummed up so I cleaned it and now he works fine again. The dome is a professional replacement by the way.

Original scarce box that has a few tears and some inside taping. I would rate the box as very good to excellent.
Overall a very nice combination of fantastic looking and good working robot with original box. Made by Nomura ( TN) in Japan.

Hard to find in this condition !

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