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Nomura – Robot   ( aka Pug Robby Robot )

THIS… is the most scarce Pug Robby that was made by Nomura in the sixties.  Nomura produced several color variations over the years. in gold, grey with red chestplate and so on but they also produced this example in “baby” blue with maroon legs and straight antenna’s !!

For me this is for sure the BEST Pug Robby robot ever made because of the fantastic blue color in combination with the maroon legs. This robot has straight antenna’s ( not one standing up as usual ) and only the golden pug with black legs also came with the straight antenna’s as well.

In action this remote powered tin robot moves forward with pumping pistons that are illuminated as well.

The condition of this robot is excellent but more important, its all original and has never been messed with before. The dome, wire, hands and remote, it’s all original. The robot works fine and strong. the robot shows normal playwear as shown in the pictures.

This blue Pug is the “holy Pug Grail” Only a few of these are known to exist. Extremely scarce robot, I only had one other example in my collection over the years. This is really a beauty, rare and scarce robot !


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