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Nomura – Planet Y Space Station.

These hard to find space stations were made in Japan by Nomura at the end of the sixties. I believe this station was made in 1968. Made in 2 color variations, this one and I believe there is a similar one with a blue top.

One of the late full lithographed tin flying saucers.  The magic is still there with mystery bump and go action, flashing lights, space sound and great looks and… look at the box ! a true piece of artwork and that for a late period spacetoy..

Not that many of these were sold, these space stations really show up seldom with original box.

I found this example in Sweden last year where it was part of a big collection of robots and spacetoys. The saucer looks like it has not been played with a lot. The condition is excellent to near mint, flawless and you never have to upgrade this example. best i have seen in years.
Complete and all original, works fine and strong and comes with excellent original box.

Fantastic example of Japanese craftsmanship, not only for the toy but also the artwork on the box is fantastic.

Hard to find in this condition.

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