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Nomura – Nyarome Space Station

Nyarome Space Station. Battery operated spacetoy, build in the mid 1960`s by Nomura in Japan. Nyarome =  Japanese manga character, a funny cat created by Fujio Akatsuka who was a pioneer in japanese manga. This very hard to find space station with beautifully litho has mystery bump and go action and a very special extra feature.

in the midsection of the spacestation, a “3-dimensional Movie” is shown of Nyarome. very cool to see this in action.

Nyarome Space Station comes in its original box that has outstanding artwork and only very light storage wear. It was only build for the Japanese market and is not often found outside Japan. The toy is new and never played with and was stored in a Toyshop for over 30 years.

Very hard to find !

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